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Apr 23 '14


Merry Little Fancy Things | Born Ruffians

So just kill me off now 
Because I ain’t got a pretty face 
Just take my knees out
It’s my only saving grace

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Apr 23 '14


Luke Lalonde
April 19
Toronto, ON

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Apr 21 '14

kissing-beehives asked:

Do you have any idea where I can find the album from when they were Mornington Drive? All I can find is Over the Top and it's not even download-able wahhhh :(((

afaik it’s still in Steve’s parents’ basement. 4evr a mystery.


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Apr 21 '14

polysem asked:

Hello there! I can't seem to find the Amores Hallares Track anywhere else than on your blog, is it possible, that this song is actually called differently? Greetings from Germany :)

Holla! it’s a special online bonus track. 

Here it is on Soundcloud : 

Apr 21 '14

8-Bit Hummingbird !!! - Born Ruffians

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Apr 20 '14

I Need a Life ~ Born Ruffians

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Apr 20 '14


Actual Angel Luke Lalonde

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Apr 19 '14
Luke @ Record Store Day~ 

Luke @ Record Store Day~ 

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Apr 17 '14
Born Ruffians @ Hillside 2014 ~

Born Ruffians @ Hillside 2014 ~

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Apr 17 '14


luke lalonde is playing at sonic boom on saturday can i get a hell yea

Trooooof. Facebook event !! 

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