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Aug 15 '12
Can we do a collab lyrics investigation on this one?

haha, yes. it’s only a bit different from the studio version:

and all the lakes and docks and nuts and bolts all tied to shore
and i don’t care about you
and all the ticks and tocks and clicks of clocks that tell the time tell me i can’t care for you

and everything everyday that’s been scraping away at the side of my brain can’t come to form a thought, except

and every thought that i’ve saved for days that remain just keep eating away and i still can’t sleep, sing …

why can’t you tell me what i wanna hear to help me get some rest, oh my darling dear?
the songs of the birds don’t bring me calmness no more, oh no no they don’t, sing…

and none of the girls seem to think you’re cool,
it’s probably because you smell bad
a skin disease don’t get you nowhere these days,
it’s true, it’s sad but true

and everything everyday that’s scraping away at the side of my brain can’t come to form a thought, and
and all i thoughts that i think that i’ve saved keep eating away at days that remain, sing

we’re gonna make plans, we have plans to make plans
we’re gonna do it right, we’ve locked it in our sights
i’ll la-de-da and dum-dee-day and we’ll tra-la-la all night and day and we’ll go far

and if i write enough and think about it, it’ll happen.
it’s not as tough as mom said, it’ll happen.

your ???? lied to you when he told you the truth,
about boys, fear, open sores and things that are simple, like opening doors.

and all the thoughts i think i’ve saved just keep eating away for days that remain and i still can’t sleep, sing…

[spoken] it’s a winner.

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