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Posts tagged born ruffians

Sep 28 '14

23 notes Tags: born ruffians luke lalonde

Sep 28 '14

25 notes Tags: born ruffians vintage lineup

Sep 28 '14

2 notes Tags: mitch! born ruffians rifflandia yas been gone forev sorry!

Sep 12 '14

Born Ruffians in a Honda

20 notes Tags: cars bands backseats born ruffians

Sep 7 '14

12 notes Tags: luke hair reaching new levels they played INSIDE that blow up bottle?! born ruffians

Sep 6 '14
Beep beep

Beep beep

(Source: )

27 notes Tags: born ruffians cars ride's here ???

Aug 29 '14
Toronto! Free all ages show next week ! ! 

Toronto! Free all ages show next week ! ! 

15 notes Tags: pepsi born ruffians sugar toronto free show yaaaa

Aug 26 '14

7 notes Tags: turf MITCH born ruffians

Aug 22 '14

Luke (and Adam!!) ~ Burning Down The House - Talking Heads 

14 notes Tags: tossback perf for friday nite born ruffians talking heads byrne dance

Aug 19 '14

Born Ruffians on CBC Road Trip !!! 

19 notes Tags: born ruffians weird 2 see radio ppl irl ROAD TRIP identifying w grant yelling BORN RUFFIANS out of the car