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Mar 9 '14

28 notes Tags: this is rly nice luke born ruffians

Dec 28 '13

26 notes Tags: CHINA born ruffians heeeyyy oooh luke adam

Dec 20 '13

17 notes Tags: andy's old hair born ruffians luke

Dec 17 '13

46 notes (via erintakesphotosandpoststhemhere)Tags: festival of good things luke born ruffians adam

Dec 4 '13


46 notes Tags: luke born ruffians hmm

Nov 28 '13


26 notes Tags: woooOOOooAH luke born ruffians toronto

Oct 15 '13


18 notes Tags: baaaabes born ruffians luke andy lloyd

Sep 7 '13

29 notes Tags: puttin in work luke born ruffians luke's wardrobe

Sep 3 '13


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Jul 30 '13

Luke talks Talking Heads.

14 notes Tags: luke born ruffians talking heads time crunch