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Jan 22 '13


1. Needle
2. 6-5000
3. Ocean’s Deep
4. Permanent Hesitation
5. Cold Pop
6. Golden Promises
7. Rage Flows
8. So Slow
9. With Her Shadow
10. Too Soaked to Break
11. Dancing on the Edge of Our Graves
12. Never Age

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Jan 22 '13

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Jan 18 '13

meanderhollow replied to your post: oh alsooo, duh, they did confirm that MONDAY is when they are going to tell us when 3 is comin out!

I like how they make us count down to the beginning of yet another countdown.

I don’t wanna talk about it. And now it’s on Tuesday anyway and ima be in an airplane when it’s announced ;__; 

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Jan 15 '13

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Jan 1 '13
With Her Shadow art - is that Steve Ham??

With Her Shadow art - is that Steve Ham??

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Jan 1 '13

First official cut from LP3!
With Her Shadow | Born Ruffians

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Dec 31 '12
happy new year / best thing ever tomorrow

happy new year / best thing ever tomorrow

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Dec 27 '12
something’s coming!

something’s coming!

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Dec 5 '12
"Eddie Chomsky" Incident 2k12 

"Eddie Chomsky" Incident 2k12 

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Dec 5 '12

song titles from the upcoming Born Ruffians album 

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